PM67 Concept - Design Company - Chain Mail

We are a French design company created and managed by Philippe Montels and “chain mail” (cotte de maille) is the material we have selected as main base for our creations.

Appealing to our customers through luxurious and harmonious products is the guide line of our creations.

Since 1999, Philippe Montels, an Art Craftsman at the Guild Chamber in Paris, has used his creativity in the PM67 Company in the service of an international clientele.

Our production ranges from single pieces to series and it is worth noting that we can create made-to-measure lights, in particular chandeliers, and very large sizes ones, according to any specific need. Each creation is a unique item with its own authenticity number. All our creations are "Made in France".

We have collaborated on projects with Philippe Starck, Peter Marino, Andree Putman and Jacques Garcia. International companies like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Escada, BNP, the French government furniture service are our customers. We have created an exclusive collection for Visionary, we also started a collaboration with the Patrick Fourtin Gallery in Paris.


"Creativity has no limit, Inspiration is boundless."
Philippe Montels